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The spirit of things at Hurley has always been about serious competition running alongside activity that encourages people of all ages into freestyle water sport. If you’re just starting out, pretty established, returning from a break or are on a National Team, this is your event.
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Surfing a wave and throwing tricks like a gymnast. Big-air. Hugely dynamic.
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Extreme Kayaking Challenge. Going fast, taking risks head to head like Ski or BMX Cross. Feisty. Technical.

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Unique and inspiring event.
On land, on flat-water, on white water, over obstacles. Fast. Endurance. Multi-skilled.
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Four paddlesport disciplines. Speed, precision, endurance and tactics. Team dynamics, specialist skills, all in for the win.
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Youth paddlers coached by the best in the world, learn the secrets of success. Inspiring. Motivational.

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Incredible skills to use anywhere, energy management and feel for the water.
No barriers. Your imagination is the only limitation.
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