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Surfing a wave and throwing tricks like a gymnast.
Big-air. Hugely dynamic.
Want to have a heap of fun and be in the eddy getting tips from top freestyle athletes who’ll also cheer you on? Want to make a load of new friends and get into a sport where you can learn to make your boat literally fly?

We run a heat system where you get as many goes as possible within the time for that heat. The quantity of time per heat is set by the number of entrants to the competition. Typically, it is 15–20 minutes for eight competitors.

There will be a 30-second maximum ride time. Heats run in bib order and are seeded.

During the heat, competitors can score each move on the ICF scoring sheet once. This allows us to see the whole range of tricks in freestyle.

Our judge will score on initiation, application and completion of the move, giving you a percentage of the ICF score. If you enter the novice class, we will reward for partially completed moves.

The top five competitors will then compete in The H33 Super Final to crown the Champion. This runs from 16:00 – 17:00 to ICF specification, two runs of 45 seconds with the highest scoring ride counting.

Open to everyone. Come along and have a load of fun. Places limited to 180
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